Is UEFI EDK II Ready for Android Mobile?

12:10 PM–1:00 PM on Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013


BIOS had major flaws and therefore after ruling for three long decades, its being slowly replaced with the all new UEFI bootloaders. Will the same thing repeat in Embedded and Mobile world as well ? While this gets sorted out, we take a closer look at the current state of UEFI EDK II bootloader to ensure it provides all the required features and support to deploy it for Android mobile segment.


UEFI bootloader (EDK II) doesn't compile with Android toolchains
UEFI bootloader shell commands missing for MMC read/write
UEFI bootloader shell commands missing for NAND read/write
USB “slave mode” support should be added in the driver.
Fastboot should be implemented

Download parser, if the raw image is 2GB then UEFI bootloader should support downloading partial blocks from PC and flashing the same on MMC/NAND.

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There is also a members only hands on session on Android 64/32, please feel free to join if you are a member.


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