Clock Bindings

11:15 AM–12:05 PM on Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013


Continuation of discussion on clock bindings one week after the ARM Summit. Will briefly cover what was discussed in Edinburgh and then continue a group discussion on the following:

  1. What should a vendor clock binding look like?

  2. Common patterns everyone should align towards

  3. Basic clock type DT support (mux, gate, divider)

Link to Hangout video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwwQdAwQsKg or http://people.linaro.org/linaro-connect/lcu13/videos/10-29-Tuesday/LCU13%20Clock%20bindings.mp4

Link to Hangout event: https://plus.google.com/events/c2oh3u0m95dr4ik1begpk6ts758?partnerid=gplp0

Link to Etherpad: http://pad.linaro.org/p/LCU13-clock-bindings

Link to presentation:  http://people.linaro.org/linaro-connect/lcu13/presentations/common-clock-bindings-and-stuff.pdf



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